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dollIf you’re looking to meet local singles via a local dating site you really have your work cut out for you. I say that to encourage you; I don’t say that to discourage you or depress you. The fact is a lot of guys join Free Local Dating Site, Fuckbook, or any other sex networking site, but play the game wrong. They think it’s the same as joining LinkedIn or Facebook. Not surprisingly, they don’t get shit.

If you want to get laid more often using these online resources, you need to assume a persona. A persona really is a recipe for how to act online. The problem with any kind of online persona that is natural and honest is that it’s unscripted. All sorts of things can happen, you play things by the seat of your pants, and most of the time you fall flat on your face.

The great thing about using a persona is that you set certain limits on yourself, and it’s very predictable. When you do things this way, you will feel that you have a script. You have some guidance and you can do a better job expressing yourself online. This is how you get laid more often on Free Local Dating Site.

The clown

The clown is a very great persona because it’s all about your sense of humor. The great thing about playing an online clown is that you don’t even have to have a sense of humor. You can recycle and copy and paste other people’s jokes and pass them off as your own. As long as you can get her to laugh, chances are you can get her to spread her legs.

The pimp player

Another great persona is to act like a pimp. In other words, pretend that the women want you to be very arrogant and very cocky. A lot of chicks will be repelled by that, but enough chicks will be drawn by that. In fact, cockiness and a high level of confidence get a lot of women wet.

The sex guru

If you’re into methodically dissecting the best of sex positions, you can play the sex guru. The more you can convince women that you can make them come in 101 ways, the higher the chance that you will get a taker.

The big disadvantage with the sex guru is if the word goes out that you don’t have some action and you don’t know what you’re doing, your local reputation is shot.

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